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Another Advantage of Offsite Storage: Better Auditing Capabilities

Being audited is never a pleasant experience, especially if you can’t quickly get your hands on requested information. Some businesses believe storing records in-house affords them the ability to accurately and efficiently retrieve documents. This is rarely the case, as records management is more than indexing folders within file cabinets.

An offsite storage solution can help meet the demands of audit requirements by facilitating more thorough management and retrieval of your business records. A reputable records storage company will provide you with an inventory management system for the records you store offsite.

Inventory tracking and accessibility

Each carton is assigned a bar code level that allows for location and activity tracking. Either a general carton description or file level index of the entire contents of the carton is entered into the inventory database. Often there is a secure web based component that allows for following:

  • Viewing of entire offsite inventory
  • Sorting of inventory by department, file type or retention period
  • Request and retrieval of files

During an audit, an authorized end user within your organization can make a request using an internet connection, user name and password. Requests and retrievals can be made at any time of day or year. Individual or groups of cartons and even individual files can then be delivered directly to your office in a matter of hours. A scan on demand option allows for even faster delivery by electronic file transfer.

In short, an offsite storage solution gives you immediate access to requested documents and eliminates the time and resources needed on your end to locate and retrieve your business records. During an audit, this not only alleviates additional stress but can make the difference between failure and success.

Serving businesses throughout Ann Arbor, Michigan, Offsite Warehouse offers a complete records storage solution for the security and tracking of your business documents and files. To find out more information please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.

Failing to Have a Destruction Policy: Is it Worth the Risk?

Like any other organizational policy, outlining your procedures for ensuring that documents are properly disposed of is integral to corporate due diligence.  However, it’s safe to say that for a great number of businesses, document destruction is a passing afterthought.  As a result, proper training and systems for information security are neglected across whole organizations.

Often, it’s only after a data breach occurs that companies feel the impetus to move forward with defining a document destruction program.  But a little forethought and planning can go a long way in reducing information security risks for your business.

You can start by educating your organization about why document destruction is important.  Outline the laws and regulations that affect your industry.  Discuss the impacts (financial, legal and personal) of failing to protect confidential and private information.  With identity theft at an all time high, you may even have associates within your organization that have been affected by having their personal information falling into the wrong hands.  Highlight how destruction of documents is an integral and necessary piece of the retention lifecycle and thus supports your business’ retention policies.

Implementing a policy can best be done with the help of a professional shredding company who can provide you with document destruction choices that best meet the needs of your organization.  If regular shredding has not been a common occurrence, you may need to begin with a one time shredding service to address files that are well beyond their retention period.  Subsequently, you can look at implementing a from-this-point-forward scheduled shredding program with your service provider.

If your company hasn’t implemented a formal document destruction program, what are you waiting for?  If confidential and private information falls into the wrong hands the stakes are high — legal liability, damaged public relations, and fines for non-compliance.  Is it really worth the risks?

Serving businesses throughout Ann Arbor, MI, Offsite Warehouse can help you implement a document destruction program customized to your business needs.  To find out more information please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.

Saying Goodbye to That Costly File Cabinet

An office without a file cabinet is like a clock without hands. Some businesses have several scattered throughout their facilities while others dedicate whole rooms to their file cabinet inventory. Of course some organizations are simply more paper intensive than others which may explain the amount of file cabinets utilized by certain businesses. However, most file cabinets are simply a waste of valuable office space.

Take the approximate amount of space the average file cabinet occupies: 15 sq. ft. That may not seem like a lot of real estate, but it adds up when the cost for leased commercial space is calculated at a rate per square foot. When you consider that most file cabinets are overstuffed with documents that are rarely accessed, it doesn’t make sense to incur an additional monthly cost for an underutilized office area. Reclaiming space designated for file cabinet storage, means an opportunity to develop that area in order to generate revenue. Ultimately, you could even downsize to a smaller office footprint, thereby lowering your real estate expenses and overall utility costs.

Documents and files that are rarely accessed yet need to be retained for a number of years are better stored and managed in an offsite records center. There’s a misconception that offsite storage is expensive. On the contrary, commercial record centers, which are specially designed to maximize the storage density of documents, are one of the most affordable storage options you can choose. Added value comes in the form of strict security, preservation and management of your files.

Serving the greater Ann Arbor, Michigan area, Offsite Warehouse can help your business reduce the costs associated with file cabinet storage. To find out more, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.

When To Choose Records Storage Over Self Storage

It’s hard to beat the affordability, convenience and accessibility of self storage. With a variety of sizes that can accommodate virtually any item, self storage units have become the go-to solution for addressing residential and business space constraints. However, when it comes to storing business records, there’s a solution that trumps self storage: offsite records storage.

The retention of business records is dictated by legal and regulatory obligations. Often documents and files that are kept for several years are periodically retrieved during audits and subpoenas. The consequences of not being able to retrieve and produce records in a timely manner can be disastrous for your business. As a result it’s necessary to properly organize, catalog, and track your business records.

Finding a specific file within in a box can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Records storage cartons stacked in a self storage unit may save you time on the front end. But when you need an important business document, having to search through that stack of boxes ends up being a costly endeavor.

Offsite records storage allows for your business records be accessed and retrieved in a secure and timely manner. Through a secure, online connection, your offsite records inventory can be managed, categorized and organized. From the convenience of your desktop or laptop, boxes and files can even be requested and delivered directly to your office, saving you valuable time and productivity.

So reserve your self storage unit for those extra office chairs and conference tables. For your documents and files, offsite records storage provides a convenient and comprehensive solution that allows you to properly manage your business information.

Offsite Warehouse provides self storage and record storage solutions for clients in Ann Arbor, MI. To find out more about how we can help you with either solution, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.


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