When To Choose Records Storage Over Self Storage

It’s hard to beat the affordability, convenience and accessibility of self storage. With a variety of sizes that can accommodate virtually any item, self storage units have become the go-to solution for addressing residential and business space constraints. However, when it comes to storing business records, there’s a solution that trumps self storage: offsite records storage.

The retention of business records is dictated by legal and regulatory obligations. Often documents and files that are kept for several years are periodically retrieved during audits and subpoenas. The consequences of not being able to retrieve and produce records in a timely manner can be disastrous for your business. As a result it’s necessary to properly organize, catalog, and track your business records.

Finding a specific file within in a box can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Records storage cartons stacked in a self storage unit may save you time on the front end. But when you need an important business document, having to search through that stack of boxes ends up being a costly endeavor.

Offsite records storage allows for your business records be accessed and retrieved in a secure and timely manner. Through a secure, online connection, your offsite records inventory can be managed, categorized and organized. From the convenience of your desktop or laptop, boxes and files can even be requested and delivered directly to your office, saving you valuable time and productivity.

So reserve your self storage unit for those extra office chairs and conference tables. For your documents and files, offsite records storage provides a convenient and comprehensive solution that allows you to properly manage your business information.

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