Another Advantage of Offsite Storage: Better Auditing Capabilities

Being audited is never a pleasant experience, especially if you can’t quickly get your hands on requested information. Some businesses believe storing records in-house affords them the ability to accurately and efficiently retrieve documents. This is rarely the case, as records management is more than indexing folders within file cabinets. An offsite storage solution can…
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Failing to Have a Destruction Policy: Is it Worth the Risk?

Like any other organizational policy, outlining your procedures for ensuring that documents are properly disposed of is integral to corporate due diligence.  However, it’s safe to say that for a great number of businesses, document destruction is a passing afterthought.  As a result, proper training and systems for information security are neglected across whole organizations.…
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Saying Goodbye to That Costly File Cabinet

An office without a file cabinet is like a clock without hands. Some businesses have several scattered throughout their facilities while others dedicate whole rooms to their file cabinet inventory. Of course some organizations are simply more paper intensive than others which may explain the amount of file cabinets utilized by certain businesses. However, most…
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When To Choose Records Storage Over Self Storage

It’s hard to beat the affordability, convenience and accessibility of self storage. With a variety of sizes that can accommodate virtually any item, self storage units have become the go-to solution for addressing residential and business space constraints. However, when it comes to storing business records, there’s a solution that trumps self storage: offsite records…
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