Collection Containers

It’s important not only that you shred your unneeded records, but that you also collect them in a secure way so the information they contain isn’t exposed in the process. Information left in open containers, on desks or in open file cabinets can be seen by anyone who just happens upon them, including your staff, your vendors, your visitors and even your custodial service. Having an open recycling bin is an invitation for trouble from anyone who wants to fish for information.

That’s why you need special, secured receptacles that prevent anyone from seeing information you’ll be destroying, and Offsite has exactly what you need. We offer attractive, unobtrusive and most importantly, secure containers where records that need to be shredded can be collected, while keeping confidential information away from prying eyes.

We’re happy to deliver collection containers to you and place them strategically throughout your facility; empty them at the intervals you specify, and shred your confidential documents in our facility.  Our shred containers are tough, tamper-proof, and prevent anyone from seeing the records they contain—they are an integral part of achieving end-to-end records security, from when the records are created through when they are destroyed.

To learn more about our shred container options or to request additional information, please contact us today! We’ll be glad to help you protect your records which have reached their retention schedule or records that are on their way out, so your business won’t be because of a breach of confidentiality.

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