Residential Shredding

Think twice before you throw that piece of paper in the trash at home. Many of your documents hold information about every aspect of your life.

Things like your social security number, birth date or even your full name can give away much more personal information than most people would like to share. Fact is, even the junk mail you get can be an opportunity to steal your identity. You simply can’t be too careful with any documents that contain your personally identifiable information (PII).

If you’re unsure of how to dispose of things like old tax forms, receipts or bills, let us help you. Our team of security screened and privacy trained professionals have an experience you can depend on when it comes to shredding personal records.

Our paper shredding services offer the benefits of:

  • certificate of destruction provided
  • privacy protection
  • maintaining confidentiality
  • increased productivity
  • freeing up space
  • environmentally-friendly paper and cardboard recycling

Don’t take chances with your most sensitive information. By shredding old documents, your personal information remains just that—personal. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your documents have been destroyed into tiny unreadable pieces and that your shredded material has been responsibly recycled.

If you’re looking to reclaim some of that basement space that’s currently housing old, outdated information, then look no further than Offsite. Shredding is a safe, efficient and effective way to keep those old records from growing out of control, while simultaneously destroying any and all personal information.

We offer cost-effective, residential drop off service here in Ann Arbor so let Offsite help with your next residential shred today!

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