Another Advantage of Offsite Storage: Better Auditing Capabilities

Being audited is never a pleasant experience, especially if you can’t quickly get your hands on requested information. Some businesses believe storing records in-house affords them the ability to accurately and efficiently retrieve documents. This is rarely the case, as records management is more than indexing folders within file cabinets.

An offsite storage solution can help meet the demands of audit requirements by facilitating more thorough management and retrieval of your business records. A reputable records storage company will provide you with an inventory management system for the records you store offsite.

Inventory tracking and accessibility

Each carton is assigned a bar code level that allows for location and activity tracking. Either a general carton description or file level index of the entire contents of the carton is entered into the inventory database. Often there is a secure web based component that allows for following:

  • Viewing of entire offsite inventory
  • Sorting of inventory by department, file type or retention period
  • Request and retrieval of files

During an audit, an authorized end user within your organization can make a request using an internet connection, user name and password. Requests and retrievals can be made at any time of day or year. Individual or groups of cartons and even individual files can then be delivered directly to your office in a matter of hours. A scan on demand option allows for even faster delivery by electronic file transfer.

In short, an offsite storage solution gives you immediate access to requested documents and eliminates the time and resources needed on your end to locate and retrieve your business records. During an audit, this not only alleviates additional stress but can make the difference between failure and success.

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