Saying Goodbye to That Costly File Cabinet

An office without a file cabinet is like a clock without hands. Some businesses have several scattered throughout their facilities while others dedicate whole rooms to their file cabinet inventory. Of course some organizations are simply more paper intensive than others which may explain the amount of file cabinets utilized by certain businesses. However, most file cabinets are simply a waste of valuable office space.

Take the approximate amount of space the average file cabinet occupies: 15 sq. ft. That may not seem like a lot of real estate, but it adds up when the cost for leased commercial space is calculated at a rate per square foot. When you consider that most file cabinets are overstuffed with documents that are rarely accessed, it doesn’t make sense to incur an additional monthly cost for an underutilized office area. Reclaiming space designated for file cabinet storage, means an opportunity to develop that area in order to generate revenue. Ultimately, you could even downsize to a smaller office footprint, thereby lowering your real estate expenses and overall utility costs.

Documents and files that are rarely accessed yet need to be retained for a number of years are better stored and managed in an offsite records center. There’s a misconception that offsite storage is expensive. On the contrary, commercial record centers, which are specially designed to maximize the storage density of documents, are one of the most affordable storage options you can choose. Added value comes in the form of strict security, preservation and management of your files.

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